Open Road Report

Snowbirding, Airstreams, Alaska and Tips For Free Camping (Multiple Videos)

Today’s Open Road Report includes updates from Hebard’s Travels, Drivin’ and Vibin’, Mortons On The Move, Pau Hana Travels, RVLove, Less Junk < More Journey and Exploring the Local Life. We cover a lot of ground through the eyes of the RV Nomads so let’s get right to it!

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First up is Exploring the Local Life’s rundown providing 11 items every boondocker may want to consider owning.

Second, we look at Less Junk < More Journey’s efforts to escape the snow in their Airstream as they made their way to American Girl Mine for the Xscapers Annual Bash.

Next up is a video via Hebard’s Travels that points to an excellent snowbird hideout in sunny Arizona.

Then we have Pau Hana Travels with an update documenting their Alaska travels. You’re going to see a lot more from Pau Hana Travels around here soon. 🙂

Tom and Caitlin from Mortons On The Move are down in Florida and published a vlog following their tour of Nettles Island.

RVLove interviewed Drivin’ and Vibin’ about free scenic boondocking and it’s a must-watch for any RVer looking to get off the beaten path.

Speaking of Drivin’ and Vibin’, did you know they’re now renovating and planning to move into an Airstream? Watch the video below to get a pre-renovation tour of their new home.

RV Nomads Drivin’ And Vibin’ Interviews Always On Liberty & Less Junk < More Journey (VIDEO)

RV Nomads cast members and YouTubers Drivin’ and Vibin’ sat down with several other cast members while in the Quartzsite area and recently published the interviews for all of us to enjoy. The interviews are with Always On Liberty and Less Junk < More Journey. They cover a lot of ground with discussions about RV interior design, Airstream life, reasons for going full time and much more.

Catch both of the interviews below and be sure to subscribe for email updates about the upcoming RV Nomads movie.

Drivin’ and Vibin’ Interviews Always On Liberty – A discussion On RV Interior Design

Drivin’ and Vibin’ Interviews Less Junk < More Journey – An RV Family Living In An Airstream

Boondocking 101 With Camp Addict’s Kelly Beasley (FULL VIDEO)

While we were in Quartzsite at the Xscapers Annual Bash 2018 we had the privilege of sitting in on multiple extensive presentations on full time RV living. One of the best presentations to come out of the event was one titled Boondocking 101. The presentation was co-hosted by Kelly Beasley, a cast member of the RV Nomads movie and co-founder of

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop video with tons of tips on boondocking this is a great watch. The video shows the entire presentation without edits and we highly recommend you watch the full event.


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What Are We Getting Away From?

Getaways. We all want them, right? In fact, it’s often said we all need them.

The vast majority of society is constantly in need of a vacation. It’s a common theme at the water cooler. It gets discussed in the break room. It’s what can be heard in busy business lobbies upon clocking out. When greeted on the way to or from work the “I need a vacation” phrase is used almost as a default social proclamation.

I need to get away.

But get away from what? From work? Is that really all? Not really.

RV Life – Where The True American Spirit Is Still Alive and Well

For those who aren’t aware, Nomadic Life Films is indeed producing a feature-length motion picture about RV life. We’re currently working on the story arc and over all narrative, details of which will be released very soon. One component of the film project that is complete now, however, is casting.

And we’ve got an incredible cast. A cast that will soon tell an epic story of adventure, exploration, joy, tears, hardship and exhilaration.

We’re thrilled to be at the cutting edge of story telling on this front. We’re honored to be positioned to create this movie and share it with the world.

A big part of the honor has been integration into what is easily one of the most authentic, well-grounded groups of Americans we’ve ever known.

The RV community.

A couple weeks back we

Nomadic Life Is a Cure For a Sick Society

This week we began to roll out new branding for RV Nomads – The Movie. The process of publishing our new branding in a public manner might, to most eyes, appear minuscule in the grand scheme of life. As it should in many ways.

But the process has been eye opening for us here at Nomadic Life Films. This because we spent an enormous amount of time determining a name for the film. It has to have meaning. Profound meaning. Because the story behind full time RV life for many has deep and extraordinary meaning.

RV Nomads. It’s what we chose. It’s describes so much with so little. The RV part is obvious. And while the nomad part may seem obvious, there is actually a lot more meaning behind the word. Certainly more than meets the eye.

A lot of people view the life changing transition out of traditional life into a nomadic life as an act of escape. This is not a correct perception, in our view, as the word escape implies someone is running from something. In reality those who begin a full time RV life are running to something, not away from something.

What are they running to? In essence, they’re running to