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Get Ready for #NOMADFEST2018!

For those who don’t know, production is underway for RV Nomads – The Motion Picture about the full time RV movement in America. The feature length film in and of itself is extremely exciting and we can’t wait to bring this story to life on screens of all sizes next year.

This first-of-its-kind cinematic adventure is deserving of a very special world premiere event. Sure, we could rent out a big theatre in a major city for this event, but that wouldn’t stand out in the way we believe the film itself will. It needs an event that fits the overall epic scale of the narrative behind the movie itself.

We’ve been working hard on the film project, of course, but we’ve also been putting in countless hours to piece together a premiere like no other. And we’re very close to rolling out the full plans for the event… scheduled for October of 2018.

The event will be called NOMADFEST 2018. It will be host to the following events all wrapped into one mega rally.

  • Rally/Convergence With Live Concerts, a Huge BBQ and Other Live Entertainment
  • A Full Day Film Festival Focusing on RVer Created Vlog/YouTube Content, Short Films and Episodic Content (Yes, YOU can submit content to be screened at the NOMADFEST Film Festival)
  • An RVer Content Creator Awards Ceremony With More Than $5,000 In Prizes And Gear Given Out
  • A Chance for RV Vloggers & YouTubers to Submit Pilot Episodes To Producers at RV Nomads TV for Syndication Consideration
  • The RV Nomads Movie World Premiere
  • A Full Day Content Creator Conference – Panels, Courses and Keynotes On Content Creation, Marketing and Related Topics (Covering everything from videography, audio and lighting, editing, web development and digital marketing)

NOMADFEST is partnering with Escapees/Xscapers to make this event happen in an EPIC way and we can’t wait to share full details!

Mark your calendars for October 18-22, 2018 and plan to be in the Texas Panhandle area if you would like to attend. We’re very close to fully securing our event venue and fairgrounds for the event. Once we’ve got all the details locked down we’ll open up reservations for RV space and ticketing for the full event.

The event will be VERY affordable but space will be limited to 150 RV’s and 350 attendees. You’ll want to make sure you hear about it first when tickets go on sale.

Click here or the button below to ensure you get updates, alerts and registration invites first when it’s time to send them out. We’ll see you in Texas in October of 2018!


R.I.P. Sean “ACE” O’Connor – A Road Warrior, An RV Nomad & An Inspiration To Us All

UPDATE: There is a GoFundMe set up to help with Caro’s medical expenses. Click here to support the fund now.

“When we heard about the movie we were like this is totally us!”

Those were the opening words in an email our production team received from Sean O’Connor back on August 11, 2017. O’Connor and Caro Cruz are known by many as the “Road Warriors,” a pair of full time RVers who run a very popular YouTube channel documenting their nomadic journey.

2 days ago we began our work day with a cup of coffee and the viewing of their latest video. It has become a routine for us to kick off the day watching the latest RVer uploads in our YouTube subscription feed. And there is no doubt Road Warriors were one of the channels we looked forward to the most.

Yesterday, however, this all took a horribly tragic turn for the worst. Sean and Caro were driving their Vespa in Clay County North Carolina when Sean’s life was taken from him and Caro was sent to the hospital in critical condition. They were on their way to Hayesville and Sean went to make a right turn. Sean slowed the Vespa to a near stop for the turn, yet the driver of a 2016 GMC van behind him didn’t.

A local report suggests Sean was ejected onto a shoulder while Caro and the moped were knocked nearly 300 feet away from the point of impact.

Sean was pronounced dead at the scene.

There is a heavy silence here at the studio today. We’re all very stunned by this news. Today was the day we were going to follow up with Sean to tell him we could work his and Caro’s story into the movie. A follow up that can now never come.

We can’t even begin to imagine what it was like for Caro to learn of Sean’s passing. Our understanding is that Caro is now in stable condition and has been informed of the outcome. This has to be devastating for her on a level that words cannot describe.

Sean and Caro are RV Nomads who worked hard to share their adventures with us all. They spent countless hours each week working to entertain, inform and inspire their viewers. They often fell on hard times but always kept a good attitude about it and enjoyed life no matter what hurdles came their way.

Sean’s drive to be positive and strive to enjoy life was a constant inspiration to us. As we all know, RV life is not always easy. But what makes it work is the way we approach life, the way we view every minute we have on this earth.

The following video brought tears to our eyes. Sean’s words here are now so much more relevant.

The open road is beautiful for those of us who live on it. It provides for exploration, personal growth and a life of adventure. We must always be vigilant, however, because life is indeed short and we never know what dangers might be around any corner.

Enjoy every minute you have. Hug your friends and family. Don’t let a single breath go to waste.

To Caro and both families… our thoughts and prayers are absolutely with you. A great American RV Nomad was taken from us yesterday and the world was a better place with him in it.

Rest in peace, Sean. We miss you already.

MEDIA ALERT: Marc & Julie Bennett of RVLove Are Joining The RV Nomads Motion Picture Project


DATE: August 10th, 2017
CONTACT: Press Office



(MILWAUKEE, WI) – Nomadic Life Films, the studio behind RV Nomads (, an upcoming feature length cinematic documentary exploring the full time RV movement, announced today that Marc and Julie Bennett will join the project in an expanded capacity. The Bennetts will take part in the film’s story arc as full time RVing cast members and will help manage development for the production studio. They will also serve as project advisors as production begins in 2018.

Marc and Julie are well known in the full time RV movement, having successfully established their brand (RVLove) as one of the most visible and respected resources for RVers of all stripes. They also founded and manage the RV Success School, a learning system considered by many RVers and industry brands to be on the leading edge of online training for RVers of all levels of experience.

Aside from being experienced and respected full-time RVers, the creators of and personalities behind their popular YouTube channel, Marc and Julie Bennett bring a combined wealth of business and marketing experience to the RV Nomads film project. In their previous careers, they have both worked on inspiring, high profile projects backed by a passionate movement that has helped elevate each project’s success,

Until recently, Marc Bennett was Director of Operations for a highly successful e-commerce company that grew from zero to

TRAILER – Meet The Nomads (Video)

The cast is set, the schedules are in the calendar and production is about to begin. RV Nomads, the feature length movie, is becoming a reality and we couldn’t be more thrilled to see it coming together so quickly.

Yesterday we released our second pre-production trailer, this one focusing on a visual introduction to the RVers who will help tell the incredible story of the full time RV movement. Once production begins we’ll start publishing behind-the-scenes Vlogs. We’ll also publish interviews with cast members,  production staff and various individuals throughout the RV industry.

If you haven’t already done so, please consider subscribing to our new YouTube channel to ensure you see the new content when it goes live.

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We invite everyone to watch the new video, leave a comment or two and share it with others.

The film cast includes the following:

Full cast bios can be viewed here.

RV Life – Where The True American Spirit Is Still Alive and Well

For those who aren’t aware, Nomadic Life Films is indeed producing a feature-length motion picture about RV life. We’re currently working on the story arc and over all narrative, details of which will be released very soon. One component of the film project that is complete now, however, is casting.

And we’ve got an incredible cast. A cast that will soon tell an epic story of adventure, exploration, joy, tears, hardship and exhilaration.

We’re thrilled to be at the cutting edge of story telling on this front. We’re honored to be positioned to create this movie and share it with the world.

A big part of the honor has been integration into what is easily one of the most authentic, well-grounded groups of Americans we’ve ever known.

The RV community.

A couple weeks back we

MEDIA ALERT: Full Time RVing YouTube Stars & Bloggers Unite to Produce Feature-Length Film On RV Life

MEDIA ALERT: Full Time RVing YouTube Stars & Bloggers Unite to Produce Feature-Length Film On RV Life

Powerhouse YouTubers Less Junk < More Journey, Hebard’s Travels, Morton’s On The Move, Exploring The Local Life and More Collaborating On Massive Full Time RV Life Film Project 

STUDIO: Nomadic Life Films
CONTACT: Camille Attell

MILWAUKEE, WI – A group of the full time RV movement’s most influential YouTube stars are collaborating on a massive, feature-length cinematic documentary film that explores a cultural shift currently underway across America. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are now making the life-changing decision to sell everything, unplug from traditional lifestyle and move into recreational vehicles for a full time life on the open road.

The cast of the upcoming film, titled RV Nomads, includes the family behind “Less Junk < More Journey,” the family behind “Exploring the Local Life,” “Hebard’s Travels” (A YouTube channel that has recently gotten the attention of a major RV manufacturer), “Morton’s On the Move,” “Drivin’ and Vibin'” and several more gearing up to sign on. With all YouTube channels combined the cast boasts having nearly 12,000,000 video views.

In addition to the YouTube powerusers, RV Nomads also features solo

RV Nomads (The 2018 Full Time RV Movie) Will Include the Escapees/Xscapers Story!

One of our favorite aspects of the RV Nomads film project is being fully immersed in the RV community. While our film story arc covers the big picture of the full time RV movement, there are a plethora of sub-stories that we believe are absolutely instrumental in the overall narrative.  The RV community and the story behind it is a critical piece of the puzzle.

And in our view the two people most equipped to contribute to this part of the story are Xscapers Founders Travis and Melanie Carr. Most in the RV community already know

Nomadic Life Is a Cure For a Sick Society

This week we began to roll out new branding for RV Nomads – The Movie. The process of publishing our new branding in a public manner might, to most eyes, appear minuscule in the grand scheme of life. As it should in many ways.

But the process has been eye opening for us here at Nomadic Life Films. This because we spent an enormous amount of time determining a name for the film. It has to have meaning. Profound meaning. Because the story behind full time RV life for many has deep and extraordinary meaning.

RV Nomads. It’s what we chose. It’s describes so much with so little. The RV part is obvious. And while the nomad part may seem obvious, there is actually a lot more meaning behind the word. Certainly more than meets the eye.

A lot of people view the life changing transition out of traditional life into a nomadic life as an act of escape. This is not a correct perception, in our view, as the word escape implies someone is running from something. In reality those who begin a full time RV life are running to something, not away from something.

What are they running to? In essence, they’re running to

MEDIA ALERT: RV Nomads Movie Announces Full Time RVing Air Force Veteran Couple Sean and Julie Chickery to Join Cast


DATE: July 16th, 2017
CONTACT: Press Office





(MILWAUKEE, WI)Nomadic Life Films, the studio behind RV Nomads (, an upcoming feature length cinematic documentary exploring the full time RV movement, announced today that Air Force Veterans Sean and Julie Chickery are joining the cast and will appear in the movie. The film is set for a tentative release in the fall of 2018 and will tell the story of the full time RV movement like it has never been told before.

Sean, a Doctor in Health Science, is a Medical Research Study Manager, and Julie is a Content Manager. The couple work full-time from theirHeartland Cyclone 4200 Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler, working together to juggle professional careers with a heavy dose of adventure whenever and wherever possible.

“As working professionals, we’re especially excited about participating in this project to share with others that they don’t have to wait for retirement to pursue their dreams,” the couple said in response to being signed on for the film. “We are proof that you can continue your professional careers and enjoy your life while traveling around North America. After serving 20 years in the US Air Force, we’ve also grown to love travel and meeting people from all walks of life. One of the things we really enjoy about full timing is meeting other RVers from all walks of life, exchanging stories, and realizing we are part of a larger community. “

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are beginning to see the full time RV life as a solution to personal woes brought about by a sense of being locked down to the “rat race” of traditional living. RV Nomads is being produced to explore a cultural shift happening across America and the Chickery story is an important part of the overall picture.

Sean and Julie live on the open road with their cat (Callie), moving along at their own pace and enjoying the freedom of full time travel. They prefer full hook-up campground stays and have been living full time in an RV since 2014.

Their travels are documented via their website ( and their Facebook page Chickery’s Travels.

Nomadic Life Films looks forward to telling the Chickery story through RV Nomads. The film producers firmly believe viewers will be entertained, informed and extremely fascinated when learning about their journey of extraordinary personal discovery through the full time RV life.

For more information visit



MEDIA ALERT: RV Nomads Movie Announces Solo RVer Kelly Beasley to Join Cast


DATE: July 12th, 2017
CONTACT: Press Office





(MILWAUKEE, WI)Nomadic Life Films, the studio behind RV Nomads (, an upcoming feature length cinematic documentary exploring the full time RV movement, announced today that solo full time RVer Kelly Beasley is officially a cast member and will appear in the movie. The movie is currently moving into an early production phase and is scheduled for full release in the fall of 2018.

In 2014 Beasley decided to sell most