RV Nomads Motion Picture Will Stream on EPIC Nomad TV!

EPIC Nomad TV is making big moves in the nomadic content world and RV Nomads – The Motion Picture, will be the center of attention in 2018 when the full network goes live. ENTV is being developed as a content streaming service that will eventually feature 10 full seasons of episodic programs. These 10 shows will cover a plethora of epic stories such as a 1,500 mile bike ride across the Northern Tier, recipes and cooking for those living on the open road, the exploration of Ghost Towns via recreational vehicles and much more.

RV Nomads will stream exclusively on EPIC Nomad TV when it first premieres in October of 2018. There will be two streams available, one free and one premium. The free version of the movie will be ad supported while the premium version will be ad-free and include a physical copy of the movie (DVD).

EPIC Nomad TV (and the RV Nomads movie) will be available via Roku, Firestick, iOS, Android and several other apps. The platform will ensure our film can be easily consumed through a wide range of distribution points. ENTV’s platform is extremely user friendly and will make viewing of our movie a pleasant experience.

RV Nomads is the perfect fit for ENTV as its flagship product. The film syncs well with other content being produced for ENTV and we’re exciting to see it all coming together.

As a reminder, RV Nomads enters full production in spring of 2018 with a premiere set for October of 2018 at RV NomadFEST.